Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feathers: Modern or Vintage

I adore feathers. In fact I'm totally in love with them. I think they are so whimsical and fun to add to a display or even clothes. They float and seem so graceful but are really funky and I love that they can be for the adventurous.

I decided early to incorporate feathers into my wedding. I love the idea. Of course I do, it's my wedding :) But even more so, others love my idea and I'm working with a fabulous designer of unusual bouquets that I think will be just Ba-na-nas.

I was asked one day about what other vintage pieces are going to be incorporated in the wedding and that confused me, till they mentioned the feathers. So I ask...

Are feathers vintage or modern?

I mean you see them in vintage looks for sure, but I think feathers can be completely modern. I mean they are one of the Hottest Fall Trends right now! They are everywhere and they are glorious!

Like this!

Now granted I think they can be fabulous in vintage things like so:

but really I believe feathers are universally fabulous, they don't have an era! They move gracefully from the mid century to now and just evolve even more. Feathers are the perfect accessory to add drama on or in anything. From hats on Vegas showgirls to hats in Saks Fifth Avenue. They can be amazing peeking out in your hair or just be the star on a skirt that makes it the "must have" in a girls closet. They can be demure by just floating or be the center of a glamorous centerpiece.

Therefore I say they are both, they are androgynous and they love being loved by all.
More love for feathers, don't be afraid of them, embrace them.

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